Paper Island is my graduation film from the Utrecht School of the Arts, which I co-wrote and directed. It was filmed in Amsterdam in 2013 and was shown at the Dutch Film Festival. On this page you can find more information such as film stills, behind-the-scenes photos and the trailer of the film.

Dutch Vera (28) and Irish Lois (29) met each other in Amsterdam while Lois was traveling in the Netherlands. Their relationship grew through long-distance communication. Six months later, Lois returns to the Netherlands to live with Vera permanently. All seems well in the beginning, but things become harder than either had expected. It's not only difficult to maintain a relationship over long distances; acclimating to living with someone takes time as well. Paper Island is a film about the challenges that come with living with another person, but even more importantly it is a story about love.

2013 Nederlands Film Festival. The Netherlands.
2014 Scenecs International Debut Film Festival. The Netherlands.
2014 Nexus Leeds. UK.

Cinematography by Engel Mulder.

Film Stills



Behind the Scenes