A Piece of Coal

The trailer for our film "A Piece of Coal" is here.

A Piece of Coal was made as part of a series of short films written by South Yorkshire residents who experienced the miners' strike of 1984-1985. These films were made in collaboration with the Northern Film School and have premiered at the Leeds International Film Festival 2016.

3 awards in one weekend

In the Shadow of the Mountain has won 3 awards this weekend. "Best Thriller/Suspense" at EtCultura in the US, the Jury Award at the NovembreNegre festival in Spain, and "Best International Short" at the Birmingham Film Festival, where Neith and I attended. Congratulations to all the fantastic cast and crew who were part of this project.

3 films at Aesthetica

"Leaves in Fall" and "Beyond the Blue" will be part of the Northern Film School Showcase screening at the Aesthetica Film Festival, whilst "In the Shadow of the Mountain" will be part of the NAHEMI showcase.

New festival selections

Good news! In the Shadow of the Mountain, Leaves in Fall and Beyond the Blue all have been accepted into more festivals:

Leaves in Fall is going to be screened at the North Wales International Film Festival in the beginning of February.

In the Shadow of the Mountain is going to be screened at the Dirigo Student Film Festival in Bristol in January. The film has been nominated for an award in the categories of Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Film.

Beyond the Blue will be screened at Watersprite and is nominated for Best Production Design.

Leaves in Fall wins first award

Leaves in Fall has won the award for Best Short Student Film at the LA Femme International Film Festival in Los Angeles! Our producer, Syed Ayub, attended the festival. Have a look at the media coverage about the award, including the Dutch radio-interview I did for FunX Utrecht.


Isis (2011)

Isis was a short film which I made in the second year of my BA at the Utrecht School of the Arts. It was shown at Eindoven Film Festival and came in second at the YAKFA Young Art Short Film Award Festival in 2011.